Last Track Home August 28 2018

Summertime is coming to an end fast. Soon there will cooler nights and sunsets hitting us all earlier—better find your way home before nightfall. In our latest lookbook our models cross the river to the other side of the tracks.

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Summer Escape June 21 2018

Summer is here! That means you can finally get out of the house, leave the city—and escape into somewhere that you can be alone! Grab your closest buds and find the best secret swimming hole. You deserve some sunlight on that skin after hiding at home most of the time. Be sure to go out in style with our featured items.

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Ello & Strange Ways Artist Pins Contest May 05 2018

For years artists have been asking us how to get their custom work turned into enamel pins and sold at Strange Ways. For those looking to get started into pins, we've decided to team up with the artist platform Ello to run a limited time contest.

Strange Ways Capsule Collection
Artist Series Pins

• 4 artists will be chosen to have their art turned into enamel pins
• 100 pins of each design will be produced and sold at Strange Ways
• 25 pins of each design will be sold in the Ello store
• An additional 25 pins will be gifted to each artist of their work

Dubbed “The Creators Network” Ello provides a contemporary forum and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans. To enter one must sign up and join Ello, but it's free and you may just end up discovering new opportunities for your work. We believe by teaming up with another brand that champions artists and creatives we can spread the opportunity and support.

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Entries close June 7th

Exclusive Clueless and Mean Girls Merchandise! February 07 2018

Excited to announce that we've teamed up with Paramount Pictures to produce official movie merchandise! So totally proud to introduce both our Clueless and Mean Girls collections—officially licensed and available now only at Strange Ways.

The enamel pins and iron-on patches feature popular slang from some of our favorite lines in the movies. Both Clueless and Mean Girls took girl gangs to a whole new cultural level, and we're proud to be a part of their cult phenomena. It's so fetch!

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From The Owner: A Reflection For 2018 January 02 2018

Alex here, Owner & Creative Director of Strange Ways. I spent the first workday of 2018 getting back into the more normal flow of things now that the holiday rush is over. It’s been a weird adjustment, because the shop has grown larger than I ever expected it to. There is not much “normal routine” lately because as Strange Ways grows new tasks, challenges, and projects are put onto the table.

What started out as a passion for showcasing what I’d want to buy, create, and share has turned into a buzzing spot for creative entrepreneurs and DIY-minded individuals to connect with. We’ve been picked up by major publications and we regularly ship packages all over the world. We had our largest sales ever just last month!

The craziest thing is—I can live off the shop. To be able to survive off of something I built was always a dream. I started my own business so I could be my own boss, make my own hours, and earn my own money. I thank you all for allowing me to do just that, while putting money into hustling artists as well. By shopping with us your dollars hit everyone dearly.

It’s been over 3 years since Strange Ways began, and this year is not letting down. I can’t wait to show you new product, collaborate with people I look up to, put on more fun events, and travel to other cities. Strange Ways has grown as online destination, a storefront, and as a brand.

Thank you again for all the support, and keep watching. I’ll try to keep surprising, delighting—and maybe mildly offending you—in the year to come. 😜🍾

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director

After The Fall November 26 2017

We hadn't created a lookbook in a while, so we wanted to do something more complete + unique if we were gonna rise one back from the dead. Antonio had done such a great job on this Strange Ways Interview, that he was brought on to not only photograph our latest editorial—but create a video lookbook too! Utilizing our staff member Julia, she also customized some vintage pieces using pins + patches. Combine that with some of our fav items we carry at the moment, and we hope it inspires you to express yourself!

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Strange Ways Featurette March 29 2017

A lot of people ask us how the shop began, or the inspiration behind it. Fortuitously, a local filmmaker asked us to do a feature on Strange Ways and what makes the shop unique. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share a bit about why it was founded, what makes us stand out, and how we are truly a small business trying founded by one person trying to share what he wants to see out in the retail world.

Strange Ways Interview + Video

Exurbia December 08 2016

We're following up our successful summer lookbook with another collaboration. This time with Harford-based group Breakfast Lunch & Dinnerare a very talented group of creatives just north of where our storefront is located. They constructed custom pieces, used local model talent, and photographed a series of images that read both intimate and hard. It's the perfect feel as Fall draws to a close.

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We've Been Ripped Off By Wet Seal August 02 2016

A few days ago we were notified by a customer of Strange Ways that one of our exclusive designs was being sold as a knock-off at popular retailer Wet Seal. The Oh Yeah patch we released in collaboration with illustrator Vaughn Fender not just inspired Wet Seal's, but was (allegedly) literally copied from the patch we put out. It is the same artwork, medium, and colors—right down to the white twill base we chose for this item.

Adding more blow to the situation, the same patch design was knocked off and sold at two separate Etsy shops—Craft Applique and Craft Supplies World. Making things even weirder: the same level of quality to each patch seems to vary. It would be easy to blame one main manufacturer for selling the design to multiple outlets, but with varying degrees of quality the whole situation is confusing.

However, it does bring up the issue of just where do big retailers like Wet Seal buy their product from? If it's not in-house designs, are they just sourcing from a random catalog of items? The originality of big, fast-fashion corporations is thrown out the window when you seem examples like this, and I hope it makes more people want to shop at small businesses and independent outlets. This has become a big issue in the last few weeks after it was revealed 40+ designs from independent designers (many whom we carry at Strange Ways) were ripped off by Zara alone.

To make it clear, any item we sell at Strange Ways (that is not vintage stock) is bought directly from artists, created ourselves, or we work with artists to create exclusive items while compensating them appropriately.

If you'd like to support the original Oh Yeah patch, we've worked with Vaughn Fender again to reprint this sold out item. You can purchase it here, with delivery in 3-4 weeks.

Since finding out about this, Vaughn has reached out to all 3 parties selling this ripped off artwork and luckily they've taken down the patches (online). No news on whether Vaughn will be paid royalties for his stolen artwork. Check back here for any updates.

Summer Style June 27 2016

For our latest lookbook we teamed up with style blog Black In Bloom, plus our go-to vintage supplier Poor George Vintage. Together we worked on custom pieces, cross-collaborated on styling and wardrobe, and put together some motivational shots for your summer wardrobe. Get inspired for some warm weather adventures, and easy ways you can update your style.

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