2 Week Pop-Up Shop in New Haven September 28 2014

I think the #1 question I get right now is "Where is your shop located?". It's cool—I'm glad people are interested. But before I answer that, a little background info... opening up a storefront costs a $hitton of money!

Because of said information above, and the fact that I'm trying to run this shop fairly responsibly, the main answer to where Strange Ways is located is online for now. However, I'm also working hard to get out there in front of people to see the product first-hand and continue to gain traction. Assuming all goes well, Strange Ways will smoothly progress into staying at a permanent location that we've found makes sense for it.

For now, I am doing a lot of markets, special events and pop-up shops. One of the coolest opportunities we have is starting next week. We'll be setting up shop in a renovated ATM vestibule that is now a pop-up space for people to showcase their business. Located at 55 Church Street in the 9th Square of New Haven, it's just a short walk from the New Haven Green, Wooster Square, Yale University, Gateway Community College and State Street Station. Plus the area boasts some of my favorite bars like Firehouse 12 and 116 Crown! So stop on in during lunchtime, or on your way to happy hour—I swear you won't find anything else like it in New Haven.

Mention you saw us post about the pop-up online, and get 10% off your purchase!


Strange Ways at Popup 55

WHERE: 55 Church Street, New Haven, CT
WHEN: October 1st–October 13th
*CLOSED: Saturday, October 4th

Popup 55 is supported by Project Storefronts, with funding from the State of Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development and the City of New Haven.