Speaking at The Grove October 15 2014

Tomorrow I will be partaking in The Grove's “WorkBench Series” as a guest speaker. Happening every Thursday, these meetings expose Grove members and local thinkers to what people are doing and how they are doing it. The purpose is to idea share and provide a platform for collaboration, resource sharing and industry knowledge.

I will be speaking about my experiences as a designer and entrepreneur. I plan to touch upon my role as a footwear designer for Converse and Puma, creating and printing my own graphic apparel, and now running my own shop that is Strange Ways. I hope I'll see some of you there!

WorkBench Series at The Grove
Featuring Alex Dakoulas
Thursday, Oct 16th
rom 12PM–1PM
New Haven, CT
*Open to the public

You can RSVP to the event on MeetUp, and see a portfolio of my work here.

Alex Dakoulas is the owner, art director and designer for Strange Ways. His past experience includes designing graphics and footwear for Converse and Puma where his work primarily revolved around account-specific products—so he knows about designing within a certain mindset. He also ran his own apparel line, Dance Party Massacre—which you would have loved if you enjoy 80s horror movies. He's worked on exclusive collabs for DC Comics, Footlocker, Dr. Suess, Converse boutiques, Fangoria and more. His work has also been featured in Inked Magazine, Out Magazine, Karmaloop.com, High Snobiety, and Fab.com among others.

In 2013, Alex was named one of Tosser Magazine’s "50 People to Keep on Your Radar"—and has been working to live up to that statement ever since. With his experience working on different products with all types of creatives, he's been waiting for the day to open his own shop. He hopes launching Strange Ways on his terms will be the perfect opportunity to let his skills shine. He loves working on products that connect with people, and connecting with people to work on them. He really hopes you enjoy the strange little world he's created, and invites you to join him in it.