Strange Ways in the Yale Daily News October 10 2014

Today's Yale Daily News features an article about our pop-up shop in conjunction with Project Storefronts calling Strange Ways a “hip downtown boutique”—That's some Ivy League cred we'll be glad to take. There's also some good words from others in the area, including the project coordinator for Popup 55 saying our “use of the space was particularly innovative and fun.” We even got a front page mention. I'd say that's pretty sweat deal for being in our first month of business!

“Hip downtown boutique” –Yale Daily News

Check out the full article, which talks about my experience of using the space, but also what Strange Ways is about and our future plans. I have to say I've received more welcoming response to our product and the shop than I have expected. Thank you to all who have stopped in or purchased online so far! It makes me feel like we're onto something good for sure.

The Strange Ways Pop-Up Shop lasts until the end of this holiday weekend, Monday the 13th. Click for store hours and details.