We've Signed A Lease! July 25 2015

Strange Ways has a permanent storefront!

I moved to New Haven, CT a year ago and come Fall launched Strange Ways. Starting out as an online shop, we've done numerous markets, events, and pop-up shops throughout the area to spread the word + see how people would respond to us in-person. It also allowed me to get the lay of the land in this new city, and take the (hopefully) slow + steady route to success.

Well, I'm very happy to say that as of Tuesday we officially signed a lease for a storefront in New Haven! We will be staying in the Westville neighborhood where our Spring Pop-Up Shop was at 910 Whalley Ave. I'm excited to become a permanent part of the community and city where Strange Ways has been so warmly welcomed.

The online shop will still be a big part of our business, but there's a few things one can do in-person that doesn't work online. I hope some (many) of you get a chance to visit us in-person! Stay tuned for details and when we plan to reopen...

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director