Live Lore Podcast + Aaron Mahnke Meet & Greet October 21 2015

We love a little spook, which is why we're very happy to be a part of bringing the Lore podcast to New Haven!

Lore is a popular podcast that focuses on telling the history behind the true and unusual tales of the past. Folklore and legends on ghosts, creatures, and more are retold with chilling atmosphere.

Strange Ways worked with the venue Lyric Hall (just a 2 minute walk from our storefront) to bring a live reading of Lore just in time for Halloween. The historic venue will also bring about a certain haunted charm for the day. The first timeslot for this event SOLD OUT in presale, so another one was added. Don't wait on tickets!

After each reading the creator, Aaron Mahnke, will be walking on over to Strange Ways to meet fans, sell merchandise, and sign items.