Sad Valentine's Day Party February 10 2016

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. In fact—does anyone really enjoy it all that much?? If you're in a relationship there's a bunch of pressure to “prove” to your partner you care about them—like the rest of the days you show it don't matter. If you're not in a relationship, then you're reminded you're alone and wonder why you're a gross monster. (If you're single and happy, good!)

Well here at Strange Ways we want to make Valentine's Day fun again. So we're throwing a party! Join us for our 2nd After Hours event at the shop as we all commiserate together at a Sad Valentine's Day Party. Hang with other sad + single saps for some local design, live art, and delicious cupcakes. If you're old enough, bring some booze to drown your sorrows too. (If couples want to come feel free, but no smiling!)

Pop-Up Shop by Gentlepersons Gently
Live Chalk Art by Crystal Claire
Yummy Cupcakes by Hardcore Sweet

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