Ello & Strange Ways Artist Pins Contest May 05 2018

For years artists have been asking us how to get their custom work turned into enamel pins and sold at Strange Ways. For those looking to get started into pins, we've decided to team up with the artist platform Ello to run a limited time contest.

Strange Ways Capsule Collection
Artist Series Pins

• 4 artists will be chosen to have their art turned into enamel pins
• 100 pins of each design will be produced and sold at Strange Ways
• 25 pins of each design will be sold in the Ello store
• An additional 25 pins will be gifted to each artist of their work

Dubbed “The Creators Network” Ello provides a contemporary forum and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans. To enter one must sign up and join Ello, but it's free and you may just end up discovering new opportunities for your work. We believe by teaming up with another brand that champions artists and creatives we can spread the opportunity and support.

Enter the Contest

Entries close June 7th