Fragile Masculinity Photo + Art Book (Limited Edition)

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Taken over the course of 3 months in 2017, this book features 62 photos of 31 men wearing the ultimate feminine article of clothing: The Dress.

Fragile Masculinity is designed to show how this simple piece of clothing falls on a male body. Not in an elevated sense of drag or impersonating a woman, but how a stripped down male body looks wearing a dress. Paired with the exact same photo of them nude to celebrate bodies and attempting to break societal gender normalities. Finding the beauty in all types of men with all types of bodies. 

Also featuring illustrations, poems, and creating writings from queer artists all over the world with their interpretation of what “fragile masculinity” is.

This books features nudity. By purchasing you are agreeing to be of the legal age in your state to buy. Not intended for minors.

  • Photography art book
  • Soft cover, perfect bound
  • Foil-stamped design cover
  • Limited edition of 250
  • Made in the USA
  • Measurements: 6" x 9"

By Matthew Dean Stewart

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