Swan Motel Key Tag Keychain (w/ Hidden Knife) - Red

$ 17.99

The Swan Motel don't mess around. This keychain may look cute with it's love theme, and heart-shaped “key”—but it houses a a sinister side for those who choose to fight instead of love

Not suitable for children! This keychain set features an attachment that looks like a key, but inside is a pull-out jack knife that could be useful for protection and is handier than carrying a pocket knife.

  • Classic hotel key tag style keychain
  • Durable, hard plastic body
  • Features hidden knife attachment!
  • Printed design details
  • Measurements: 3.75" tall plastic tag

Please note the finish on these are a medium shine, and minute scratches can appear on the surface of the plastic.

By Rosehound Apparel

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