The OK Tarot: A Simple Deck For Everyone

$ 19.99
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OK Tarot: The Simple Deck For Everyone is a modern interpretation of a tarot deck. This very pink deck features simple illustrations, leaving individual interpretation up to the viewer. Imagery is striped of religion, race, and gender. This unique deck features all 78 major and minor arcana as illustrated by the artist. 

An inclusive and minimal tarot deck that’s open to interpretation. OK Tarot illustrations offer a fresh perspective (and no spooky dead guys!) so anyone can find themselves represented within.

“The stick 'n poke of tarot cards.” –ELLE“

  • Complete tarot deck, 78 cards
  • Includes guidebook by Kelsey Anderson
  • Minimal, loose, fun illustrations
  • Eye-catching pink color
  • Strips out religion, plus gender and race neutral
  • Comes in keepsake lidded gift box
  • Measurements: 2.75" x 4.75"
By Adam J. Kurtz

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