Haunted Hallows Jack-O-Lantern Tea Spoon - Rose Gold

$ 8.99

Love Halloween, dark fantasy stories, and creepy macabre design? Welcome to the first ever jack-o-lantern cutout tea spoon in existence! “Haunted Hallows” is the official jack-o-lantern name of Lively Ghosts. This uniquely-spooky spoon features intricate design-work on the handle (including crescent moons and a Victorian-inspired filigree) as well as a cutout jack-o-lantern design for the base.

Perfect for mixing libations such as tea, cocktails, poisons, and potions.

  • Tea spoon
  • Cut-out base shape
  • Debossed, molded handle design
  • Plated zinc alloy
  • Environmentally friendly (Recyclable)
  • CA65 Certified, Antimocrobial
  • Handwash recommended
  • Measurements: Approx. 6" 1.65"

By Lively Ghosts

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