What I Am Trying To Say To You Cards (Pack of 30)

$ 12.99
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Everyone’s always celebrating something or accomplishing goals or whatever—and it’s exhausting! Years ago, you had days or weeks to send a card. Now you have seconds to reply. To relieve the pressure artist + graphic designer Adam J. Kurtz has created an assortment of messages and artwork to send to loved ones.

Send these cards in the mail, give to someone with a gift, snap a pic to text or post online, or hang them up for yourself!

  • Pack of 30 cards
  • 1 artwork side, 1 blank side on each
  • Standard postcard size
  • Booklet format w/ perforated tear-out cards
  • Includes 1 bonus sticker sheet!
  • Measurements: 6" x 4.25"

By Adam J. Kurtz

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