Daisyboy Embroidered Oversized Unisex Shirt

$ 44.99
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  • 1 XXX-Large

An irreverent daisy chain design in collaboration with Milunita. The neckline features unhappy flowers on the neckline, adding an off-beat grumpiness to an otherwise charming feature. The muted, light color palette and comfy fit make this an ideal Spring + Summer tee.

  • Custom t-shirt
  • Embroidered design on neckline (front only)
  • Fashionable, large rim neck
  • Soft 100% organic cotton tee
  • Embroidery done in the artists' studio
  • Imported from the UK
  • Fit: Bigger, baggier, oversized fit w/ shorter sleeves
  • Color: Natural

All apparel is considered basic unisex/men's fit unless otherwise stated.

By Cousins Collective

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