Crushed Salt + Mist Scented Soy Candle (7.75oz)

$ 25.99
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Imagine yourself riding against white-capped waves on a sailboat at sea, mist splashing toward the mast. This refreshingly aquatic, and slightly floral candle will have you wishing you were by the waters.

NOTES: Crushed Salt, Ocean Mist, Lily of the Valley

Soy candles are non-toxic, burn cleaner (less soot), and last longer than traditional paraffin candles.

  • Standard 7.75oz candle
  • Comes in giftable box
  • 40–50 hr burn time
  • Features premium cotton wick
  • Made w/ natural U.S grown soy wax
  • Essential oil based fragrance oils
  • Hand-poured in small batches in Minnesota

By True Hue

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