Palo Santo Incense Bundle (3 Sticks)

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Incense bundles are used for fragrance, purification, and blessing by some in the form of smudging, smoke cleansing, or other spiritual practices. They've been discovered to alleviate aerial bacteria, and are often used to rid spaces of negative energy.

This palo santo wood is sustainably harvested from Peru using fallen branches, with a new tree planted for each one harvested.

  • 1 palo santo stick bundle
  • Includes 3 sticks packaged together
  • Scent is sweet and peppery
  • Each stick measures approx. 4" x .5" 

To burn the incense, light one end and gently blow out to reveal smoke trails. Carefully spread the smoke to bring a rejuvenated energy and smell to your space. Let the lit end burn out naturally, or smudge it out in a fire-safe bowl. Can be used more than once.

By River Village

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