My Superpower Tea Towel

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My superpower: Feeling it all at once. I am everything, everywhere all at once and I can FEEL IT A LOT.

Good thing is, I know I'm not dead. (Apathy kills.) Bad thing? I can take on too much... Keep this fabric reminder hanging or out in the bath/kitchen to jokingly remind yourself not to let emotions consume you.

Tea towels are traditionally used in kitchens for dishes and countertops, but the large size and lightweight material has been appropriated by many for use as wall hangings in the modern era.

  • Cotton twill material
  • Digitally-printed design
  • 7.5 oz cotton w/ folded, stitched edges
  • Use as kitchen towel, or hang as art!
  • Measurements: 15.75" x 23.5"
By Adam J. Kurtz

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