Best Things To Do In New Haven, CT

New in town? Just visiting? Trying to figure out where to live? New Haven, CT is a city on the brink of a new revitalization, yet full of history and culture. (It's also home to our storefront.) It's been claimed by those whole live here as the GSCIA: Greatest Small City in America because of the amount of resources for its size. With such fast changes, it can be hard to keep up on what's relevant. That's where the New Haven Field Guide comes in: a list of the top spots for living and playing in the NHV. It's a current city guide for the urban roamer.

New Haven is rich for fostering creativity and entrepreneurship—an often overlooked, independent mindset we want to shine a light on. We'd like to think this guide is a mix of hidden gems and city staples; the essentials for exploring the modern terrain of New Haven.

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To simplify, this guide focuses mostly on central New Haven and is predominantly about food, shopping and entertainment. Think we missed a treasure?
Use #discoverNHV on social media and share what you've found. These are merely recommendations, and we urge you to go exploring yourself!