Paine's Balsam Fir Incense Sticks (24 ct)

$ 7.99

Since 1931 Paines products have been inspired by the outdoors of New England. Located in Auburn, Maine their incense is made from area trees. First, balsam branches are brought in by local woodsmen, where they are then ground and dried. The pulp is next pressed into incense molds, and finally dried again—that’s it!

What remains are these balsam fir incense sticks that smell of balsam trees and campfire when lit. There is no extra scent oils added, just the natural smell of the balsam wood. It's a warming, smokey, and woodsy scent that makes your home feel like a log cabin in the woods.

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  • Box set includes 24 sticks, 2" long
  • Comes w/ wooden burner base
  • No chemicals added, 100% natural
  • Made in the USA in Auburn, ME

This incense works best when held over a flame for 10-20 seconds until the entire tip is engulfed. Let the remaining flame burn away to reveal red embers that cover the entire tip of the stick. Sticks can also be broken in half for shorter burn times.

By Paine's of Maine

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