Choward's Mints (Violet + Lemon)

$ 3.99
Got a sweet tooth? We're bringing back some of your retro favs—share them with the young ones in your life, or treat yo' self to feeling like a kid again.

Choward's candies have been around since the 1930s. Their Violet mints (aka: just “Violets”) have a floral flavor and fragrance, making for a very unique candy experience and earning themselves a cult status. The Lemon version is a blend of natural flavor with just the right touch of citrus. Both come in exquisitely retro aluminum foil packaging.

  • 2 Violet mints
  • 1 Lemon mints

While we don't expect them to, it is possible candy may break in transit. If they arrive as a powdered dust in completely destroyed packaging, please let us know!

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