Hello Soap Diatomite Soap Dish - Green

$ 11.99

The Kalastyle Home “Hello Soap” dish is made from diatomaceous earth stone, a natural resource which occurs in deposits along marine coastlines, glacial lakes, and on desert surfaces. (This design also mimics a terrazzo-style pattern!)

This soap dish is plastic-free and eco-friendly. It's highly porous surface absorbs moisture naturally and self-dries in less than a minute. No soggy soap! Easy to clean, just rinse with water and let air dry.

  • Quick-drying soap dish
  • Made of diatomaceous earth stone
  • 100% natural, plastic-free
  • Raised edges to catch any excess water
  • Features engraved Hello Soap design
  • Measurements: 4" x 4"

Please note this product is only for a soap dish, does not include soap.

By Kalastyle

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