Hemp Bar Soap (Arctic Birch Leaf)

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Nordic+Wellness combines a unique, Arctic blend of powerful ingredients extracted from wild berries, plants, herbs, and flowers.Β Growing in some of the most pristine regions of the world, these restorative ingredients contain potent antioxidants known to combat environmental stressors while protecting the skin.

Arctic Birch is packed with nutrients and is commonly referred to as the Tree of Life. Traditionally used for wound healing, birch leaves contain high levels of antioxidants known to help reduce inflammation while purifying and hydrating the skin. Birch leaves are bundled and used in Nordic baths and saunas to help relieve muscle pains while promoting circulation.

  • 4oz soap size
  • Exfoliating bath bar
  • Features antioxidants and vitamins for your skin
  • Comes in giftable packaging
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate (Sustainably Harvested), Sodium Palm Kernelate (Sustainably Harvested), Water, Glycerin (Vegetable Based), Fragrance, Sodium Gluconate, Palm Acid (Sustainably Harvested), Sodium Chloride, Palm Kernel Acid (Sustainably Harvested), Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Stem Powder, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Betula Pubescens Islandica (Islandic Birch) Leaf (Sustainably Harvested), Titanium Dioxide

By Kalastyle

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