Hex On You Herbal Candle (9oz)

$ 24.99

This USA-made candle is a woodsy, earthy blend of Oakmoss and Amber. It evokes a warm and slightly sweet smell fit for a magical forest.

NOTES: Oakmoss + Amber, topped w/ Rosebuds, glitter, rune rock

Candles made with coconut and soy are non-toxic, burn cleaner (less soot), and last longer than traditional paraffin candles.

  • Standard 9oz jar size
  • Natural wax derived from coconut oil blended w/ soy
  • Features decorative herbal toppings!
  • Hand-made in small batches in Kentucky

We recommend removing the decorative toppings before lighting. This will help with more even candle burning, and cease any potential fire hazards. Put aside in your incense bowl, or spread around the candle to keep in sight.

By Moody Moon Magic