Holographic Wacky Wavy Man Large Back Patch

$ 24.99
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The inflatable tube man is idolized in this wearable patch. Extra large, for extra effect. Keep up the morale around yourself all the time!

Iron-On Warning! Due to the holographic material, to iron-on one must do so from the back side. Reverse the garment so it is inside-out, and then heat up the adhesive through the jacket/bag material. Ironing directly on top of the material may result in the holographic finish diffusing and the effect flattening.

  • Large 12" tall backpatch
  • Iron-on backing
  • Features holographic base material!
  • Custom, heat-cut shape

Large patches may need to be reinforced, especially over time. This can be done with spot stitching or fabric glue at corners, or anywhere adhesion has become undone.

By No Fun Press

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