Incense Matches - Warm & Spicy (Pack of 4 Scents)

$ 9.99

These book of matches are also incense sticks. They emit a burst of scent into the air that's perfect for bathrooms, travel adventures, or simply a refreshing rejuvenation for smaller rooms.

Cinnamon - Heartwarming and nostalgic aroma of rich, spicy stone ground cinnamon
French Vanilla - Smooth, creamy vanilla reminiscent of cafés in Paris
Coconut - Straight and lovely coconut fragrance inspired by island memories
Spice - Delicate blend of carefully selected light spices

Light more than one from this specially-picked scent collection for a custom smell that fits your mood. These matchbooks were first created decades ago, and are still made by the same family-owned operation.

Each matchbook contains 30 sticks—giving this 4 pack 120 uses!

By The Incense Match

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