Large Fancy Room Filled With Crap Tapestry Tea Towel

$ 34.99

Perfect for that sitting room, library, or office—wherever you like to show off all the amazing shit you collect!

Collaboration between Third Drawer Down and artist David Shrigley.

  • Cotton linen material
  • Digitally-printed design
  • Traditional “tea towel” size
  • Use as kitchen towel, or hang as art!
  • Measurements: 27" x 20"
  • Color: White (w/ print)

Tea towels (AKA kitchen towels) are traditionally used for drying dishes, wiping hands, or left hanging near countertops—and still can be! However, the large-scale size and lightweight material has been appropriated by many for use as wall hangings in the modern era.

By Third Drawer Down

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