A Life In Objects Mini Art Books (Set of 3 + Case)

$ 19.99
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Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood participated in The 100 Day Project by illustrating and writing a brief page about a meaningful object in her possession for 100 consecutive days. This collection is a scale facsimile (copy) of all her entries, including drawings and written words on the objects. It includes an essay about what she learned tackling the project, plus some thoughts on crafting sustainable creative practices.

These reproduced artist journals are wonderfully executed in reproduction, including die-cut covers for each mini book and a chipboard slilpcase printed with gold foil imagery that mimics that artist's drawings. 

  • Set of 3 mini art books
  • Stored in custom chipboard slipcase
  • Each book is 40 pages
  • Black and white print, gold colored end papers
  • Features gold foil print and die-cut covers!
  • Books printed in Portland, OR by Eberhardt Press
  • Slipcase printed in Eugene, OR by Twin Ravens Press
  • Measurements: 3.5" x 5"

By Lucy Bellwood

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