M.A.S.H. Pin (1 of 4 Surprise Options)

$ 9.99
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MASH: Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House? You won't know until you order! This youth game is now back in pin form. Relive the memories, and see what your future (pin order) holds.

This special pin comes in unique packaging, hiding which living situation you end up with. Makes a great gift to open up and see! 1 out of the 4 M.A.S.H. options are sent at random with each purchase.

  • HardΒ enamel pin
  • 4 variants (β€œM” β€œA” β€œS” β€œH”)
  • Option chosen at random! Open and see.
  • Blue rubber pinback
  • Measurements: 1.25" wide
By Brandy Bingham

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