NOPE Art Comic

$ 14.99

NOPE is a visual discussion about the issues of sexism, patriarchy, and power that is meant it to be as funny as it is probing. The goal is not to say one particular thing with these images, but to engage the viewer to think more critically about sexism, feminism, and violence in our visual culture. NOPE isn't here to answer questions or solve problems. The goal is to create questions, open the dialogue, and get the reader to laugh and think.

Being printed on a risograph printer utilizes a process that is a mixture or photocopying and screen printing. The result is a beautiful comic/art book that looks amazing, but also features some of the imperfections and subtle nuances that come with one of a kind pieces of art. 

  • 32 pages of original artwork
  • 3 color risograph printing
  • Measurements: 8.5" x 11"

By Daniel Zender

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