Nosferatu Project-O™ Pin

$ 11.99

The original vampire Nosferatu creeps up the stairs in this scene reproduction of the 1929 F. W. Murnau movie masterpiece. A raised metal framework surrounds a transparent “enamel” base. The film screen image is carefully applied on top. The result is a pin that resembles a projector slide and can be either backlit for see-thru dramatic effect, or used to project same-to-larger sized versions of the image printed on top.

Part of Creepy Company's lineup of Mad Lab Creations™ pins showcasing the Project-O™ design creation.

  • Film frame pin badge
  • Coated alloy metal frame
  • Printed design on transparent inlay
  • Double clutch pinbacks for support
  • Measurements: 1.5"
By Creepy Co.

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