Pogs + Slammer Bundle

$ 4.99

Pogs (aka: tazos or milk caps) are alive and well at Strange Ways. Relive the 90s when the first inklings of gambling were being taught on the playground.

GENERAL RULES: 2 players put in an equal amount of pogs. Stack 'em into a tower with designs facing down. Take turns throwing your slammer down onto the top. After your turn, grab any pogs that flipped over. Restack and repeat.

  • 20 assorted, random pogs
  • 1 random slammer (metal or plastic, but always a sick design!)

While designs are picked at random, we scoured old designs for a mix of weird, fun, spooky, and retro imagery.

All vintage items have been rediscovered from the past. They are old (dead) stock, and may feature slight variations in condition because of their age. If you are ever unsatisfied once you receive your order, just let us know!

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