Pride Party Mixed Flag Bunting (18ft Long)

$ 14.99
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Fill your space with pride using this classic flag bunting. This variety of mixed flag designs help celebrate different facets of the LGBTQ+ community. The flags are concentrated in the middle, so you have ample string on either side to secure the bunting to any attachment point!

The 12 Pride flags included on this bunting are (in order from left to right): Progress Pride Flag, Trans Pride Flag, Bisexual Pride Flag, Lesbian Pride Flag, Nonbinary Pride Flag, Pansexual Pride Flag, Queer Pride Flag, Aromantic Pride Flag, Asexual Pride Flag, Demi Pride Flag, Two Spirit Pride Flag, Agender Pride Flag

  • Hangable flag bunting
  • Series of 12 LGBTQ+ flags connected*
  • Single-sided print w/ ~90% bleed through
  • Great for a Pride Month party, or just all year decor!
  • Measurements: 18ft long

*Please note the product photo also shows a string of only Progress Pride flags—that is a different item from this one.

By Flags For Good

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