Rewind This! Documentary DVD

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An exploding industry without rules! Direct to-video madness! VHS vs. Beta! In the 1980s, videotape changed the world and laid the foundation for modern media culture. Rewind This! traces the rise and fall of VHS from its heyday as the mainstream home video format—to its current status as a nostalgic relic and prize to collectors who still cherish it.

Featuring interviews with both filmmakers and enthusiasts from the VHS era, including Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman, indie auteur Atom Egoyan, Elvira herself Cassandra Peterson, and Hobo with a Shotgun filmmaker Jason Eisener, Rewind This! is the definitive story of the format that came to be synonymous with the home video revolution.

So gather up your friends and start the pizza party—just make sure to have your tapes back on time

  • Feature-length commentary with the filmmakers
  • Original animations
  • A special music video
  • Bonus interview footage on laserdiscs, remix culture, and more

Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 90 minutes
DVD Release Date: January, 2014
Format: DVD Region 1

By MPI Home Video