Scream Queens B-Movie Starlets Trading Cards (Set of 3 Packs)

$ 7.99
Buy factory-sealed vintage Scream Queens trading cards over 20 years old! Hot babes, B-movies, and trading cards—how can you resist this combo?

Released in the mid-90s, these trading card packs feature your favorite B-movie starlets in sultry photoshoots that just scream of a bygone era. More pin-up than porn, the “sexy sensations” featured include Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Monique Gabrielle, Veronica Carothers, Melissa Moore, Pamela Runo, Jeanie Brown and more.

  • 3 Scream Queens trading card packages by Imagine, Inc.
  • 1 of each package graphic will be given if available
  • Released in 1993 and still sealed, rare
  • Each pack contains a variety of 5 cards
  • Randomly inserted, hand-signed autographed cards
  • Made in the USA
By Imagine, Inc.

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