Weed: The User's Guide (A 21st Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana)

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The United States is in the midst of a new Golden Age of legal weed. Recreational marijuana is now legal in four states—Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska—and Washington, DC, while medical marijuana is legal in 25 states and counting.

This definitive, hands-on, and experienced guide to the new world of decriminalized recreational marijuana, written by the lovingly blunt and unfailingly witty David Schmader, will educate and entertain the novice and experienced user alike. It's a 21st century handbook for enjoying marijuana.

Complete with history, ways to enjoy, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical-use information, this witty guide is perfect for gift giving. 

  • Hard cover, perfect bound
  • 208 pages w/ illustrations
  • Artwork by Alex DeSpain
  • Measurements: 5.75" x 7.75"

By David Schmader

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