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No Days Off Reaper Coffee Patch

Spellcaster $ 8.99

Tear Mender Fabric Patch Glue

Bish's Original $ 9.99

Bite Me Bird Patch

Badaboöm Studio $ 7.99

Be Gay, Do Crime Skeleton Unisex Tee

Awarewolf Apparel $ 29.99
Small In Stock
Medium In Stock
Large In Stock
X-Large In Stock
XX-Large In Stock

Rainbow Multi-Color Drip Candles (Pair of 2)

General Wax & Candle Company $ 5.99

Evil Eye Patch

These Are Things $ 5.99

3D Skull Sticker

Quiet Tide Goods $ 4.99

Vintage Connecticut Patch (Deadstock)

Oxford Pennant $ 11.99

Extra Deluxe Metal Pin Backs (Set of 10)

Strange Ways $ 4.99

Locking Pin Backs (Set of 12 + Wrench)

Pinkeepers $ 7.99

Pray The Gay To Stay Pin

Butch & Sissy $ 9.99

Anatomical Heart Flowers Patch

Glitter Punk $ 9.99

Draw Things Patch

Lost Lust Supply $ 7.99

Nothing Matters Large Chenille Patch

Adam J. Kurtz $ 11.99

Ghost Mini Sticker Patch

These Are Things $ 2.99 Sold Out

Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down Pin

Little Woman Goods $ 10.99

Emotional Creature Patch

Notes To Self $ 8.99

Mixed Feelings Magnets (Set of 4)

Adam J. Kurtz $ 14.99

What A Time To Be Alive Patch (Limited Edition)

Frog and Toad Press $ 7.99

Always Find Something To Complain About Charm Keychain

A Shop Of Things $ 7.99

Eat The Rich Patch

The Third Arrow $ 7.99

Eat A Dick Rainbow Pin

The Third Arrow $ 9.99

Lose It Keychain

Adam J. Kurtz $ 14.99

Born To Be Mild Patch

These Are Things $ 5.99

Be Gay, Do Crime Socks

Awarewolf Apparel $ 14.99

Protect Trans Lives Pin

Transfigure Print Co. $ 9.99

Car Loud, Penis Big Bumper Sticker

Mean Folk $ 4.99

Tuff Wolf Large Patch

Frog and Toad Press $ 8.99

Rainbow Eye Patch

Wokeface $ 7.99

How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety Book

Zachary Auburn $ 11.99

LGBTQ+ Resist Fist Pin

GAYPIN' $ 11.99

Two-Part Dagger Patch

No Fun Press $ 13.99

Reading Is Dope Unisex Tee

Hungry Ghost Press $ 27.99
Small In Stock
Medium Low Stock
Large Out of Stock
X-Large In Stock
XX-Large Low Stock

Gay Meter Moving Pin (Fundraiser)

Dissent Pins $ 14.99

Day & Night Hugging Cats Pin

Glitter Punk $ 11.99

The Worst Is Over Skeleton Unisex Tee

Stay Home Club $ 29.99
X-Small Out of Stock
Small In Stock
Medium In Stock
Large Out of Stock
X-Large Out of Stock
XX-Large Low Stock

Queer As Hell Patch

Cat Coven $ 8.99

Redefining Love And Family Patch

Transfigure Print Co. $ 9.99

Help Me I'm An Artist Sticker

Will Bryant $ 3.99

Intertwined Snakes Pin

Glitter Punk $ 11.99

Seeds Risograph Art Print (11" x 14")

Ash + Chess $ 29.99

Trans Pride Heart Mini Sticker Patch

These Are Things $ 2.99

Hang In There, Baby Cat Patch

These Are Things $ 5.99

I Cry Everyday Patch

Strange Ways $ 8.99

Red Mushroom Patch

Mean Folk $ 7.99

Sandalwood Bamboo Incense (20ct)

Nippon Kodo $ 6.99 $ 4.99

Call To Action Tote Bag

One Lane Road $ 17.99

You Tried Gold Star Pin

Adam J. Kurtz $ 9.99

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