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Interview with Uproxx July 10 2017

Recently was interviewed for a piece at Uproxx about pins as art, DIY style, and the power of social media. Here at Strange Ways we love how pins have become such a great way for independent creatives to thrive and expose their art.

“Pins are an old form, but now they’ve really become little pieces of art. Social media allows artists to promote their own work— and inexpensive, accessible, and wearable items like pins are a perfect way to get their work out to the public.
” –Alex Dakoulas, Strange Ways

READ MORE: How Enamel Pins Are Using Instagram To Take Over The World

Live Music + Beer Garden + Extended Hours July 05 2017

The Westville Village Renaissance Alliance is putting on a live music event with local bands, complete with a beer garden sponsored by New England Brewing Co. It's right next to our shop!

Strange Ways will have extended hours, staying open from 10AM–6PM. Then we'll be hanging out at the show! (not selling things). So stop on by the storefront, and then join the festivities. There's even more happenings in the monthly Second Saturday events.

Read more about it and RSVP on Facebook!
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Strange Cinema: The Legend of Billie Jean June 11 2017

Strange Cinema is back! We're teaming up with Lyric Hall Theater 
to bring you an event fit for lovers of underground culture. Part market, part meet-up, part movie screening—we're bringing a bit of unusual flair to New Haven.

This month's movie: The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)

Read more about it + RSVP on our Facebook page!

The 20th Annual Westville Artwalk May 11 2017

Every year, the Westville neighborhood of New Haven, CT (where our storefront is located) holds an Artwalk. The Westville Artwalk is a free, annual arts festival that spans three blocks every Mother's Day weekend. There's live music, art exhibitions, open studio tours, and an outdoor vendor market. This year's beer garden is hosted by New England Brewing Co. kicking off Friday night festivities,

We're excited to right in the center of the village where all of this is happening! For Friday and Saturday, we will have extended hours. Please see below.

Storefront Extended Hours
Friday, May 12  // 11AM–7PM
Saturday, May 13  //  10AM–7PM

For more information on the Westville Artwalk, visit
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Flair Fair Returns! April 05 2017

Last Fall we held our very first vendor market. Flair Fair was dedicated to celebrating the resurgence of pins, patches, and other small collectible items. Over 300 people attended the market that featured 10+ artists/designers—many that we carry in our shop!

Due to the success, we're bringing it back again for Round 2 this Spring. On Saturday, April 15th we bring Flair Fair back to New Haven, CT. It's located at Lyric Hall, which is just a very short walk from our store. See you there!

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Our New Bi-Monthly Event: Strange Cinema March 14 2017

We're teaming up with Lyric Hall Theater 
to bring you a bi-monthly event fit for lovers of underground culture. Part market, part meet-up, part movie screening—we're bringing a bit of unusual flair to New Haven.

This month's movie: Nightmare Sisters (1987)

Read more about it + RSVP on our Facebook page!

Strange Ways Boston Pop-Up Shop March 08 2017

We've been wanting to make our way to Boston for a while! The owner of Strange Ways lived in the city for a decade, so this is a bit like coming home. We're technically coming to Somerville, Union Square. But it's where our friends at Gracie's Ice Cream are located, and they're allowing us to set up for the weekend at the end of the month. Now fans further North who can't make the drive to the storefront can shop in-person!

Check out all the details +  RSVP on our Facebook page!

Feature in New Haven's Daily Nutmeg January 12 2017

“I feel like you kind of get it or you don’t,” Dakoulas says. “If you walk in and you’re kind of turned off or don’t get it, I feel like you’re not going to. It is sort of a specific consumer.”

• Read the entire article at Daily Nutmeg

Strange Ways in Harper's Bazaar November 29 2016

Holiday shopping is here, and world-reknowned fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar has caught onto how patches are an affordable and unique item to give to loved ones, special friends—or yourself!

Strange Ways was referenced in this gift guide for The Best Gifts Under $20 For Fashion Girls. Read the intro below, and shop their picks.

The holidays are (nearly) here, which means you'll inevitably be pulled into a $20-and-under grab bag situation in the coming weeks. While it's hard to find something quality within that price range, it's not impossible; click through to shop our cheap and chic picks. 

Yale Daily News Covers Strange Ways and Flair Fair September 16 2016

Upon the completion of our first vendor market, Flair Fair, the local Yale Daily News covered the event by speaking with us, vendors, and students that stopped by. Published online and in print, it was a great write-up of what our shop and the event is attempting to do in New Haven.

“I hope we can bring more underground art to New Haven in the future.

It was overwhelming to see people from all over—yes, even in other parts of New Haven—make their way to the event and the storefront. Not everyone downtown makes their way to our neck of the city, and it was great to see people pay attention. The Strange Ways storefront probably had it's biggest day on Saturday too, so thank you all for coming!

Read the entire Yale Daily News article here.

Our First Vendor Market: Flair Fair! August 25 2016

We're going on 2 years of Strange Ways, and our product has always come from independent artists, designers, and small brands. One of the main goals of our shop is to showcase emerging talent we believe in. With the addition of our storefront a year ago, we've invited numerous people to also have pop-up shops in our store.

The natural progression of all of this is to have a larger event, the yearning for something to help establish and celebrate this sense of community in New Haven and beyond laid the seed for Flair Fair. It'll be our first vendor market. Hope to see you there!

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An update: WE DID IT!

We've Been Ripped Off By Wet Seal August 02 2016

A few days ago we were notified by a customer of Strange Ways that one of our exclusive designs was being sold as a knock-off at popular retailer Wet Seal. The Oh Yeah patch we released in collaboration with illustrator Vaughn Fender not just inspired Wet Seal's, but was (allegedly) literally copied from the patch we put out. It is the same artwork, medium, and colors—right down to the white twill base we chose for this item.

Adding more blow to the situation, the same patch design was knocked off and sold at two separate Etsy shops—Craft Applique and Craft Supplies World. Making things even weirder: the same level of quality to each patch seems to vary. It would be easy to blame one main manufacturer for selling the design to multiple outlets, but with varying degrees of quality the whole situation is confusing.

However, it does bring up the issue of just where do big retailers like Wet Seal buy their product from? If it's not in-house designs, are they just sourcing from a random catalog of items? The originality of big, fast-fashion corporations is thrown out the window when you seem examples like this, and I hope it makes more people want to shop at small businesses and independent outlets. This has become a big issue in the last few weeks after it was revealed 40+ designs from independent designers (many whom we carry at Strange Ways) were ripped off by Zara alone.

To make it clear, any item we sell at Strange Ways (that is not vintage stock) is bought directly from artists, created ourselves, or we work with artists to create exclusive items while compensating them appropriately.

If you'd like to support the original Oh Yeah patch, we've worked with Vaughn Fender again to reprint this sold out item. You can purchase it here, with delivery in 3-4 weeks.

Since finding out about this, Vaughn has reached out to all 3 parties selling this ripped off artwork and luckily they've taken down the patches (online). No news on whether Vaughn will be paid royalties for his stolen artwork. Check back here for any updates.

Strange Ways in GQ July 15 2016

GQ Magazine put out a photo guide called “How to Ace Kanye West's Effortless Summer Style” and linked directly to our shop! In reference to a photo of Kanye in a white denim jacket with a large, customized design down the side the caption read:

The rest of us are just customers, but when you're a music icon it's not a problem to have your artist friend customize your white jean jacket. For the rest of us, a few patches on a white jean jacket are a quick way to keep your look from feeling sterile.

We Are Orlando June 16 2016

For the rest of June 100% of the profits from our Queer patch will be donated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings.

June is also LGBT Pride Month and there's nothing to be ashamed of for being gay, queer, trans, or any type of identification that feels true to you. Love yourself, and care for others when they need it. If you're in Florida, I also suggest donating blood if you can.

Strange Ways X Urban Outfitters April 11 2016

We're honored to have Strange Ways be invited to Urban Outfitters New Haven to help celebrate their 15th anniversary. We were also asked to collaborate with them on an exclusive patch for the evening! It will be given away with every purchase during that event. Stop on by from 5–8PM (we're going to stay set up until they close at 9PM tho) for our pop-up shop plus free music, local beer, and more.

Our pals at Vintanthromodern were also asked to be a part of the event, and to celebrate we've teamed up to create one-of-a-kind customized pieces using apparel from their shop, and flair from ours. Come get first dibs!

Strange Ways in Seventeen Magazine March 29 2016

A couple months ago the Accessories team over at Seventeen magazine reached out to Strange Ways. They said they were working on something for the magazine based around patches. The April issue has come out with a feature on DIY style showcasing patches we carry in the shop that we sent over to them.

Pick up the current issue today to see for yourself! Big props to all the cool designers, artists, and small brands we carry here at Strange Ways making cool things.

Matt Dallas in Strange Ways March 17 2016

Created a custom Area 51 Alien Army jacket for our pal Matt Dallas. Known for playing an alien on TV's Kyle XY, thought this theme was pretty fitting (and fun). Matt was nice enough to take some shots for us too see. Doesn't it look good on him!?

We'll have a few new pieces we've worked on with Poor George Vintage for sale in our Custom section next week. Stay tuned!

Second Saturdays in Westville March 10 2016

Our storefront is located in the Westville Village section of New Haven, where a passionate group of business owners and creatives are coming together. This Saturday is the launch of a monthly Second Saturday event in Westville.

Recently the West River Arts opened at 909–911 Whalley Ave where numerous artist studios now exist. 

With artist studios come open studios. With open studios come fun events! Besides being able to browse freely between artist studios, we've teamed up with Lotta Studio and the Yale Humanist Community to host a reading by author Katie Heaney on her new book Dear Emma. Katie currently lives in New York working as a Senior Editor for Buzzfeed.

We will also be lining up the day's events with our latest chalk mural. Come to the storefront from 10AM–4PM to watch local artist Dionel Altreche illustrate on our chalkboard wall while you shop. 10% off too!

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Sad Valentine's Day Party February 10 2016

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. In fact—does anyone really enjoy it all that much?? If you're in a relationship there's a bunch of pressure to “prove” to your partner you care about them—like the rest of the days you show it don't matter. If you're not in a relationship, then you're reminded you're alone and wonder why you're a gross monster. (If you're single and happy, good!)

Well here at Strange Ways we want to make Valentine's Day fun again. So we're throwing a party! Join us for our 2nd After Hours event at the shop as we all commiserate together at a Sad Valentine's Day Party. Hang with other sad + single saps for some local design, live art, and delicious cupcakes. If you're old enough, bring some booze to drown your sorrows too. (If couples want to come feel free, but no smiling!)

Pop-Up Shop by Gentlepersons Gently
Live Chalk Art by Crystal Claire
Yummy Cupcakes by Hardcore Sweet

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New Year Gathering January 15 2016

Now that the storefront has reopened for the year, we welcome  you to come hang! Tomorrow we'll have free coffee by A Happy Life coffee, and in lieu of a chalk mural artist this month we'll have a sort of New Year's Resolution wall. Come write down what you want “More Of” and “Less Of” in 2016. 10% off all day too!

Daniel Zender Pop-Up Shop + Live Mural December 11 2015

Tomorrow we're very excited to have one of our favorite artists at the shop! Daniel Zender (maker of all this cool stuff!) will be at the storefront selling his latest zines, pins, apparel, and more. Not only that, but he'll also be the latest artist to tackle our chalk mural wall. Mr. Zender will be adding his art to our entrance wall this month.

Come stop by and see it all in action!

Forgotten Youth Supply Holiday '15 + Look Book Party December 10 2015

Strange Ways holds its first true After Hours event at the storefront. Come check out local clothing brand
Forgotten Youth Supply's latest release, and view scenic photographs from their Icelandic-shot look book “Along the Ringroad” in our gallery.

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes will also be selling delicious treats that night, including vegan options. Plus, we're making your holiday gift shopping a little easier by offering 20% off all items in the shop!

Feel free to BYOB, and come play our 60-game arcade system—which will be on free play. Good times await you on the start to your Friday evening.

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Strange Ways at Holiday Haven December 03 2015

Every December for the past few years some of the best (in our opinion) Connecticut small businesses and creatives come together for Holiday Haven in New Haven. Even though we now have a storefront, Strange Ways will still be a part of it! Come get all your holiday shopping done in one sweep and support local businesses at the same time.

This year is takes place downtown at The Happiness Lab at The Grove, and there will also be goodies from three different food vendors. Why wouldn't you come and browse all this goodness?!

Please note our storefront will be *closed* this day for the event.

Small Business Saturday Event November 27 2015

We can't compete with the box big retailers for Black Friday, so our sales that day are strictly for online customers. But the day after we'll be in full force for Small Business Saturday at the storefront. Remember to support small and local for the holidays when you're gift shopping. It's probably the biggest buying season of the year and your sales really effect small business owners.

Strange Ways will be hosting a DIY Workshop where we'll have tools handy for you to apply the patches, pins, and more that you've been collecting to your clothing, bags, hats, etc. You're welcome to bring your own, or shop in-store that day. We'll have 20% off all of our items, but we'll also be hosting Poor George Vintage in the shop who will be selling great vintage finds if you're looking for a perfect denim jacket or flannel. To top it off Hardcore Sweet will be there selling delicious cupcakes!

There's only one place you should stop in Saturday for shopping—and that's with us! We're even having extended hours until 6PM, so please come on by.

Mean Folk at Strange Ways November 20 2015

New England is a fairly small place made up of a bunch of tiny states, so we consider the whole area family. With that, we're happy to have our neighbors to the North at the storefront this Saturday. Vermont-based brand Mean Folk will be selling their latest wears, pins, patches, and more.

We'll also be debuting an exclusive collaborative t-shirt that day, so come get your first dibs on it!

Better Shopping at November 16 2015

It's been over a year now that our online shop has launched (Wahoo!). Since then there's been a need to update how we do things. Strange Ways has grown tremendously since it began—now shipping out hundreds of items a week in addition to our (now permanent) storefront. We've gained many new customers and followers, grown our product assortment, and in general just learned a thing or two.

With that I'm glad to say there's been some changes made to make it even easier to buy from us—particularly in our online shop.


Faster Delivery

Currently still operating as 1 man show, up until a couple months ago I was still hand-writing addresses and standing in line at the post office every time I needed to ship out a batch of orders. THIS TOOK FOREVER.

I'm very happy to say we now use a postage-buying system like the big boys, complete with scale and speedy label printer. This makes everything go faster, and you benefit by not waiting as long for orders to be packed up and sent on their way.

Cheaper Shipping

You will never pay more than $4.99 for shipping on U.S. orders. Pricing has been reduced for shipping within the United States to just $2.99 for orders under $40. All other orders are $4.99—unless you're over $80, then it's completely free.

Tracking Included

All U.S. orders now include free tracking, which is sent to you via e-mail upon confirmation of shipment.

Reduced Prices

All across the board on the different products we carry I've been keeping up with competition, our minimum order quantities, and our profit margins. I've dropped prices all around on various items from t-shirts to nail decals.

The most beneficial change to note (since it's one of our biggest sellers) is that pin prices have dropped an average of $1 to $2. Most pins will now run you on average $8 or $9.


Along with other minor site details, I've been implementing these larger changes over the past 6 weeks to make sure any kinks were smoothed out. Hopefully many of you didn't even realize any changes were being made, because things have just gone smoothly. The goal is to have shopping at Strange Ways be easy and frustration-free!

Feel free to let me know directly if you have any issues buying from us in the online shop from here on out, and thank  you for shopping at Strange Ways!

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director

Strange Ways in the New Haven Register November 10 2015

Some more good press for the storefront! Last week we were in the New Haven Independent, and this week Strange Ways is featured in the New Haven Register—in print too! Read about the shop, and check out a nice photo gallery of the storefront at the link below.

Patches, pins and other favorites at
Strange Ways in New Haven’s Westville

Strange Ways in the New Haven Independent October 27 2015

Photo by Markeshia Ricks

Establishing a proper homebase for Strange Ways has been in the works for a while—a headquarters for all stock, a place to package and ship orders, and more importantly: create an environment to display product and welcome the public into our world. Now that we have a permanent set-up, the Strange Ways storefront is starting to get some buzz! Recently a great local publication stopped in to talk about why we chose New Haven, CT, our mentality for setting up a storefront, and why Strange Ways is different than other shops.

Getting Strange In Westville

Live Lore Podcast + Aaron Mahnke Meet & Greet October 21 2015

We love a little spook, which is why we're very happy to be a part of bringing the Lore podcast to New Haven!

Lore is a popular podcast that focuses on telling the history behind the true and unusual tales of the past. Folklore and legends on ghosts, creatures, and more are retold with chilling atmosphere.

Strange Ways worked with the venue Lyric Hall (just a 2 minute walk from our storefront) to bring a live reading of Lore just in time for Halloween. The historic venue will also bring about a certain haunted charm for the day. The first timeslot for this event SOLD OUT in presale, so another one was added. Don't wait on tickets!

After each reading the creator, Aaron Mahnke, will be walking on over to Strange Ways to meet fans, sell merchandise, and sign items.

Magneticfest: VHS Swap Meet and Screening Day October 15 2015

Join us this Saturday for the very first Magneticfest, happenings at Lyric Hall down the road from our storefront. Strange Ways is a sponsor of the event that brings together lovers of retro film and physical media in a day when everything is getting lost in the cloud.

We'll have a table at the event selling various VHS titles and VHS-related memorabilia, along with other vendors. There will also be screenings all day long.

Also happening this weekend in our hood is a Deadlift to Smash the Patriarchy event that supports the Connecticut Chapter of the National Organization for Women. And both days will feature live steamroller artist printing as part of City Wide Open Studios. Come spend the weekend in New Haven—specifically, Westville Village!

Strange Ways in Refinery29 October 06 2015

Been getting some great press recently; this time by über-cool culture website Refinery29. They did a large press article covering the state of pin culture currently and how people are able to support independent artists in the process. Strange Ways was called as top shopping spot for this, while also highlighting the fact that we carry female-driven brands and LGBT artists.

“Strange Ways has become a go-to
  destination for pins from artists like these
  who maybe make just a few pieces.”

Very happy for all of these call-outs! You can read the whole article here.

Strange Ways in StyleCaster September 22 2015

StyleCaster is one the most well-read blogs on style and fashion trends. Recently they put together a list of iron-on patch designs to add to your denim jacket for Fall. We were very happy to see many of them focused on Strange Ways! We were one of only 2 places recommended to buy from.

If you're looking for any easy way to keep up with the trends, go dust off that old jacket and slap on some new patches. View their entire list at the link below, then shop our selection of patches.

10 Ridiculously Cool Iron-On Patches
to Customize Your Denim Jacket

Live Mural Event w/ Artist Josh LaFayette September 18 2015

Oooh, I'm so excited to announce this weekend's event(s)! We're having artist Josh LaFayette in the shop BOTH days. (We recently released two exclusive patches with him.) First he'll be updating our chalk wall with some new art. Then he'll work on a proper backsplash mural that'll stay permanent behind our counter.

Contrary to what his fun illustrations may suggest, we will *not* be serving fast food deliciousness—BUT we'll be offering 10% off everything in the shop. Come hang out!

Sunday Funday Photobooth Time August 23 2015

We're holding events all weekend. To partner off of our live installation mural (now complete—come see!) we're holding a Sunday Funday too. We'll be setting up an in-store photobooth thanks to Acme Photobooth. They'll even be printed out 4 shot strips for you to take home—and they're FREE!

We're also doing $1 cold craft sodas from New Britain's own Avery's Sodas. They've been making these things (with real sugar too) since 1904, so they know what they're doing. You can also get 20% off ALL clothing in the shop to make back to school shopping a bit easier on the wallet. Or if you're old like me, just save on some cool tees!

Project Storefronts #InfoSession August 12 2015

If you're in New Haven tomorrow, stop by our newly-permanent storefront and come see my doofy face. Project Storefronts has invited me to speak about my journey from starting an online shop to now owning a physical store.

I'll also be talking about my past experiences running my own clothing line and designing product for Converse + Puma before venturing off on this journey. I can't promise I'll sound smart, but I can promise I'll be happy to answer any questions and try to tell you what I've learned!

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director

Project Storefronts

Thur, Aug 13  /  6PM

Strange Ways
910 Whalley Ave
New Haven CT

We've Signed A Lease! July 25 2015

Strange Ways has a permanent storefront!

I moved to New Haven, CT a year ago and come Fall launched Strange Ways. Starting out as an online shop, we've done numerous markets, events, and pop-up shops throughout the area to spread the word + see how people would respond to us in-person. It also allowed me to get the lay of the land in this new city, and take the (hopefully) slow + steady route to success.

Well, I'm very happy to say that as of Tuesday we officially signed a lease for a storefront in New Haven! We will be staying in the Westville neighborhood where our Spring Pop-Up Shop was at 910 Whalley Ave. I'm excited to become a permanent part of the community and city where Strange Ways has been so warmly welcomed.

The online shop will still be a big part of our business, but there's a few things one can do in-person that doesn't work online. I hope some (many) of you get a chance to visit us in-person! Stay tuned for details and when we plan to reopen...

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director

Hot Blood + Function In-Store Event June 18 2015

The final days of our pop-up shop are here. This weekend is our last, and as part of it we're inviting two local brands to set up shop inside our shop—a pop-up inside a pop-up?!

We currently carry Hot Blood Premium Goods and Function Socks at Strange Ways, but come by Saturday for a chance to shop a wider array of their product. You can also meet the makers behind the lines and put a face to a name.

Sunday, our last day, we'll also be having 10% off the entire shop. Even if you've stopped in before, there's been new product coming in every week. It's also Father's Day, so grab a gift! Hope to see you there!

Forgotten Youth Supply In-Store Event May 29 2015

We're hosting another event in the shop this weekend—this time for local clothing brand
Forgotten Youth Supply. They'll be giving people the first look at their Cruel World capsule collection, which you can buy that day before it comes online for everybody else. We'll also be debuting our exclusive, limited edition collab shirt only be available through us!

Part of the reason why Strange Ways was opened in New Haven was because of the lack of independent retailers in the area. We want to showcase creative designers and brands who may not have many other outlets to. Forgotten Youth Supply has killer designs and art direction that we think are worth noticing. Come support local talent and drop by the shop this Sunday!

Live Chalkboard Illustration May 22 2015

Join us this Sunday for a live artist session in the pop-up shop. E.Killer will be taking over our chalkboard wall creating a live mural illustration as you shop!

We'll also be offering 10% off the entire shop all day. So come hangout, buy some stuff, and watch the art unfold.

18th Annual Westville Artwalk Reception May 06 2015

In having our pop-up shop in the Westville neighborhood of New Haven I've come to know the creative community involved here. Set off the path of the hustle of downtown is a group of people + businesses that have built their own district rooted in the arts. One of the largest public examples of that is the annual Westville Artwalk—a 2 day event full of art openings, outdoor artist tents, a fashion show, film screenings, and more. (Here's an article covering last year's event.)

Our pop-up shop is nestled as part of the downtown village where most of the events are taking place. Having opened 2 weeks ago, the Artwalk allows Strange Ways the opportunity to have an official reception for the visitors and residents of New Haven. As part of the Friday night festivities, we'll be hosting an open house from 6–9PM with food, drinks and deals! We're also open our usual 12–6PM hours that day.

Strange Ways Pop-Up Shop
Open House Reception
910 Whalley Ave, New Haven CT
Join us 6–9PM on Friday 5/8

I also feel like I should point out something new to the Artwalk—a Friday Night Beer Garden! Located just a block down from our shop will be an outdoor event to taste local brews, and also grub down on food trucks. I believe you'll get prime viewing of the fashion show being held on Central Ave, too. Honestly, I'm a little sad I will be working! The event runs 7–9PM, so I suggest you stop on by Strange Ways and then head on over. Here is the full schedule of events for Friday night and Saturday day.

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director

Westville Spring Pop-Up Shop April 18 2015

I've been itching to get Strange Ways in front of people more. Every event we sell at has been such a success that I've been wanting to do something more concrete. While my eventual goal is to have a permanent storefront, creating a longer-term pop-up is not only less risk for a start-up business; but they're also happening all over the country with big name brands for special promotions.

I'm happy to say the opportunity to create this type of experience has finally come to fruition! Strange ways has a signed a short-term lease over in the Westville area of New Haven, CT. This artistic and community-oriented neighborhood has a quaint and charming downtown village. The area is known for it's great brunch spots including Bella's and Lena's, as well as small art galleries and local event space Lyric Hall. Nearby is West Rock and Edgewood Park, the latter houses Edgewood Skate Park. Every Sunday starting May 3rd there is also a great farmer's market in Edgewood Park.

This Spring Pop-Up Shop will run 2 full months from April 25–June 21. We're going to take advantage of the warmer weather, and classes coming to an end. We'll be open every weekend as well as afternoon days leading up to the weekend. Our pop-up also falls right in line with the popular Westville ArtWalk Festival celebrating it's 18th year. I hope to house a few in-store events of our own, too.

I've been working hard ever since signing the papers to transform the space into something that fits my vision of Strange Ways. Our opening weekend is already coming up fast, as we launch next weekend Saturday April 25th + Sunday April 26th! I hope to see some familiar faces there.

Alex Dakoulas
Founder & Creative Director
Strange Ways



Strange Ways
Spring Pop-Up Shop

910 Whalley Ave, New Haven CT
Running April 25–June21

Thu + Fri: 12PM–6PM
Sat + Sun: 10AM–4PM

Strange Ways Spring Pop-Up is supported by Project Storefronts, with funding from the State of Connecticut's Department of Economic and Community Development and the City of New Haven.

Instagram Giveaway with Explorer's Press March 12 2015

To go along with our exclusive interview with Brendan Megannetty of Explorer's Press, we're doing a sweet giveaway package of Explorer's items. Rules on how to enter were just posted to our Instagram today. The prize package includes 1 People to Kill Sketchbook, 1 Headed Somewhere Keychain, 1 Knowledge Patch, and 1 No Time For Anything Pin. Plus, we're picking 2 winners!

If you don't end up winning, remember we carry a bunch of product from the Canadian-based brand in our online shop. You can view all Explorer's Press items carried at Strange Ways here.

Enter on Instagram – Strange Ways + Explorer's Press


Strange Ways on Wanelo March 04 2015

Launched in 2012, Wanelo (“want-need-love”) is an online destination for curating your favorite items with over 11 million users. It's similar to Pinterest where you can collect images, but geared more specifically on items you can buy and not just inspiration. It also tends to draw a crowd more interested in fashion and design. More recently, you can purchase products directly from the Wanelo mobile app and desktop site, with many nationwide stores signing up.

In January of this year Strange Ways joined Wanelo. We've become a verified account where you can buy any of our items right from the site and collect them to save and share. All our products flow directly into our Wanelo page which is refreshed daily. In less than 2 months our account has already grown to be our largest social media presence with over 4.3K followers as I write this!

Are you on Wanelo? Interested in joining? Follow our verified account and get updated every time we add new product just by following our feed. Below are some of our current products that are trending with users on the site.

Join Strange Ways on Wanelo

Urban Outfitters Pop-Up Shop February 06 2015

We have a special pop-up event going on next week! We've been invited by our local Urban Outfitters to open up shop inside their store. Along with our featured pop-up shop, there will also be live music from Sorority Noise and Queen Moo. If you haven't been in the New Haven Urban Outfitters it's a grand, open space that's 2 floors and perfect to hold an event like this and come hang out.

Not only is it a very cool honor to be asked to sell there, it also happens to be on a Friday the 13th! PLUS—it's the day before Valentine's Day! I'm sort of thinking of it as an anit-Valentine's Day event in the basic sense of the holiday. While you can certainly come and pick up some fun gifts for your love, don't except them to be typical. You can get a peak at our “Strange Love” collection here.

It's our first in-person event of this year, and I hope to see some of you there! We've definitely gotten in a lot of new product since you've seen us last that you're going to just love.

*Update: View photos from the event on our Facebook page.

         Strange Ways Boutique Pop-Up

         Urban Outfitters
         43 Broadway Ave, New Haven, CT
         Friday the 13th of February, 5–9PM

Instagram Contest: Win A Signed Art Print January 22 2015

Autographed “Social Hierarchy of the High School Female” art print
Signed by artist Sara M. Lyons + filmmaker Darren Stein (writer/director of Jawbreaker)!

Follow Strange Ways on Instagram for how to enter!

To go along with our featured interview with artist Sara M. Lyons, we're doing an exclusive giveaway of her “Social Hierarchy of the High School Female” art print. It's a great homage to your favorite bad girls of high school cinema featuring the cliques of Heathers, Jawbreaker, and Mean Girls.

We currently carry the print in our shop, and now we're running a contest to win a signed copy of it. Not only has Ms. Lyons signed it special just for Strange Ways—our very good pal Darren Stein (write/director of Jawbreaker) has signed it as well!

For all you Heathers out there, this contest is so fetch you just gotta enter.

Strange Ways in Boston Spirit Magazine December 19 2014

Props to Boston Spirit Magazine for featuring Strange Ways on their seasonal gift ideas in the latest issue. They chose the Shapes Duffel Bag from Mokuyobi Threads for that gym bunny if your life. That's a pretty stylin' fitness guru, if you ask me!

You can pick up this design in a duffel bag, smaller dopp kit, or save on both in a bundle.

Union Station Holiday Mart December 15 2014

Need one last chance to browse our product before the new year? Stop by Union Station in New Haven, CT this Friday for a local Holiday Market. We'll be set up with other vendors during peak hours of heading in and and out the city for the holiday weekend; super convenient for anyone taking the train.

It'll also be our last pop-up event until probably February, so if you'd like to browse in person get on in there—especially if you need a last minute gift! (Pst... we have a bunch of products for under $20.)

Union Station Holiday Mart

50 Union Ave, New Haven, CT
December 19th, 4–7PM

Strange Ways Featured in BDCwire Gift Guide December 12 2014

Some new press for the shop!

I lived in Boston for 10 years before I made the move to New Haven, so it's not out-of-the-normal for Strange Ways to be getting some Boston press. BDCwire's gift guide for the holidays features not 1, but 2 items we carry here at the shop—including our exclusive Strange Ways X Sara M. Lyons nail decals.

Check out the whole list in “A Boston Guide to Buying Gifts for a New Significant Other”.