Halloween Multi-Color Drip Candles (Pair of 2)

$ 5.99

Bring on the spook with these ominous dripping candles! The white taper candles mysteriously drip wax of red, black, and orange colors. Wedge into a wine bottle for a seance-feel, and to fully enjoy the ooze-like formations that stream down from the drips. Fun to watch burning, and decorative when extinguished. Sure to spur party conversation, and mesmerize guests whether at Halloween or any creepy party.

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  • Box w/ 2 taper candles
  • Unscented
  • Start out white, but melt into red, black, and orange drips!
  • Each candle 9.5" tall x .75" wide at base
  • Made in the USA

By General Wax & Candle Company

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