Crafty Bitch Holographic Large Patch

$ 13.99
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One crafty bitch? One crafty witch? For all the goth horror fans who take DIY to the next level.

Iron-On Warning! Due to the holographic material, to iron-on one must do so from the back side. Reverse the garment so it is inside-out, and then heat up the adhesive through the jacket/bag material. Ironing directly on top of the material may result in the holographic finish diffusing and the effect flattening.

  • Larger 4.25" diameter patch
  • Embroidered patch design
  • Iron-on backing
  • Holographic, vegan vinyl material
  • Machine embroidered, cut by hand!
  • Made in the USA by a small business

These patches are made in Arizona, USA and each design is individually cut-out by hand. High-quality and made with artist intention, each shape is somewhat unique due to this—something we personally admire and love!

By Project Pinup

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