Scented Tarot Candle - The Lovers

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The Tarot Candle unites three essentials of an illuminating tarot experience: a unique tarot illustration by Sophy Hollington, your card reading, and a beautifully-scented candle. Each scent is crafted to match the specific tarot you receive.

Candle Scent Notes: Blood Orange, Wild Moss, Embers
The Lovers Tarot Reading: Ohlala! Be on the lookout. Passion, mutual attraction and the start of a strong relationship is near. With it will come temptation - whether in love, money or a spiritual journey - contemplate and choose wisely before acting.

  • Tarot 12oz candle
  • Approx. 60hr burn time
  • Sleek black glass container w/ black wax
  • Features custom artwork by artist Sophy Hollington
  • Other side is your tarot card reading
  • Comes in sharp eco-friendly gift box
  • Candle measurements: 6" x 2"
  • Made in the USA

By 54° Celsius

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