You Are Here (For Now): A Guide To Finding Your Way Book

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From the generous (and slightly jaded) mind of artist Adam J. Kurtz, these pages explore mental health, identity, handling setbacks, and finding humor in the unknown. The candid collection of essays and artwork is full of reflections, encouragement, and insights on the theme of personal transformation—realistic perspectives to help you move from “staying alive” to nurturing and celebrating the person you know you really are.

A pocket-sized book to keep with you as an honest and relatable guide to figuring out where you’re headed—and feeling okay in the meantime. It will be a touchstone for seekers, graduates, creatives, and anyone who’s trying to figure out what’s next (and maybe even feel a little hopeful about it).

  • Soft cover, Perfect bound
  • 272 pages, B&W with color 
  • Measurements: 4.25" x 6.375"

By Adam J. Kurtz

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