Locking Pin Backs (Set of 12 + Wrench)

$ 7.99
Do your pins pop off a lot? Then invest in these secure metal pinbackers that replace your rubber and metal pinbacks. They use a super stable allen key closure to ensure your pins will stay put. The wrench connects into the black part of the pin back, and when turned the inside of the backer tightens around the post of the pin until secure.

Great for pins put on jackets near shoulders, where a backpack or purse may get caught and pop them off. They also work great for backpacks or hats that are constantly being tossed around. A must have for collectible pins and limited edition pins.

  • Longer 7mm length = no pin tips poking thru end
  • Screw hole closer to end (instead of centered) = easier to screw in firmly
  • Set of 12 metal pin backings
  • Includes 1 allen wrench
  • Color: Silver

Buying these does not 100% guarantee your pin's safety. While this is one of the most secure ways to attach a pin, we can't accept responsibility for user or manufacturer fault. Be careful with your pins!

By Pinkeepers

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