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What are your shipping rates and delivery times?
What countries do you ship to?
I already placed my order, but I forgot something! Can I add to it?
My order is a gift. Can you not include a printed receipt?
Why does it cost so much to ship one small item?
My order didn't go through, but my credit card was charged. Why?
My order never arrived and/or wasn't delivered. Where is it?
 My package has a customs charge to be paid. Why?
 How do I return or exchange an item?
When will _______ be back in stock?
 Will you carry my product?
 Can I collab with you?
 Can you make my custom pin, patch, t-shirt, or other item?
 Do you sell wholesale?
 What is the sizing on your apparel?
 How do I attach patches? Why doesn't my patch have an iron-on backing?
 My pin fell off! How do I attach them better?
 How can I get a hold of you?
 Where is your storefront located? What are your hours?
Can Rewards Points be used in-store?
Are you hiring?
Why should I buy from Strange Ways?
Who is your consumer/audience?
Are you looking for promoters?



What are your shipping rates and delivery times?

All orders are shipped from New Haven, CT via United States Postal Service  // - 1 (800) 275-8777 



   Standard Mail Shipping
$00.00–$39.99  —  $2.99  USPS First Class Mail  (3-5 Business Days)
$40.00–$59.99  —  $4.99  USPS First Class Mail  (3-5 Business Days)
$60.00 and over  —  *FREE Shipping* — USPS First Class Mail  (3-5 Business Days)
   Priority Mail Shipping

Any order — $7.99  USPS Priority Mail Insured  (1–3 Business Days)
   In-Store Pickup
Any order — FREE at our New Haven, CT store  (Ready Next Day at 11AM)


   Standard Mail Shipping
$00.00–$59.99  —  $9.99  USPS First Class Mail  (9-21 Business Days)
$60.00–$99.99 —  $14.99  USPS First Class Mail  (9-21 Business Days)
$100.00 and over —  $19.99 USPS First Class Mail  (9-21 Business Days)
  Priority Mail Shipping
Any order —  $24.99  USPS Priority Mail Insured   (6-10 Business Days)


   Standard Mail Shipping
$00.00–$59.99  —  $14.99   USPS First Class Mail  (10-30 Business Days)
$60.00–$99.99 —  $21.99  USPS First Class Mail  (10-30 Business Days)
$100.00 and over —  $27.99  USPS First Class Mail  (10-30 Business Days)
   Priority Mail Shipping
Any order —  $34.99  USPS Priority Mail Insured  (6-10 Business Days)

All shipping costs are final, please do not email asking for a different rate.

•  Orders come with *FREE* tracking emailed upon shipment. Please allow 24 hrs for proper tracking to start moving.
•  Priority mail orders are packed up at 10AM EST each day Monday–Saturday, and picked up soon after during delivery mail pick-up.
•  Standard mail orders typically take 1–2 business days to be prepared, packaged, and picked up. Most U.S. orders arrive within a week of purchase.
•  Please be aware that once an order is with USPS, the package is not in our control—but in the rare chance you have a big issue, tell us.
•  Since you're sent a digital receipt, we do not include a printed one in your shipment. (Good for gifts, and yay for less waste!)

International Orders
•  Orders shipped outside the U.S. are subject to import taxes (VAT) payable by the customer at time of delivery. (Nothing to do with us!)
•  We cannot mark a customer's shipment as a “Gift” on the customs form—please do not ask us to. It is also illegal.
•  Upon leaving the U.S. and/or entering your country, your order may be held in customs for up to 1–2 weeks—which is completely normal.

•  Your order may take up to 6 weeks to arrive if not sent Priority Mail, but if you believe you've encountered an issue contact us.
•  For a list of countries we ship to, please see our second question below.

Please note that the information above is a general guideline. Nothing is guaranteed, as many factors may not be in our control. We are a very small team (of real human beings!) so if you encounter any issues just talk to us. Thank you ahead of time for not treating us like we are a large, hugely-equipped corporation—sincerely!

What countries do you ship to?

We ship orders to the United States, Canada, and International countries based around which offer electronic delivery confirmation via the United States Postal Service, as listed here. Updated 12/10/2018 those countries are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

The areas listed above are the only ones we ship to—no exceptions, sorry! The cost of shipping cannot be adjusted either. We apologize if we currently do not ship to your country, but these are the only ones deemed reliable via United States courier. We also may remove countries that have a bad record for delivering our packages in the past. If your country is not listed, we suggest looking into a mail forwarding delivery service.

Please scroll up to read about International shipping costs, delivery times, and import taxes.

How can I get a hold of you?

Email Us
Use our contact form—we have just one portal for all inquiries.

Phone Number
Sorry, we do not have a phone number. We use email specifically to keep better track of correspondence. 

Storefront + Shipping Address
910 Whalley Ave
New Haven, CT 06515
Info + Hours

I already placed my order, but I forgot something! Can I add to it?

Unfortunately, once an order is made we *cannot* add items to it. The payment system already processed your information, and that is not something we store and can continue to charge on (That's a good thing!). We can refund you for an item in your order if you wish, but not add more items.

The only option to add items to your shipment is to cancel your order, and you can make a new one. Please reach out to us ASAP if you wish to, so your order doesn't get packed up and sent out as is. It's best to just respond to your Order Confirmation email, so we easily have your order information.

Please note any refunded money may take 3-5 Business Days for the amount to return to your bank or credit account.

My order is a gift. Can you not include a printed receipt?

Lucky for you, we do not include a physical invoice or receipt when we package up orders. Since we send the person who placed the order a digital emailed receipt, why even waste the paper? (Welcome to the ~new digital world~ everybody!)

My order never arrived and/or wasn't delivered. Where is it?

Before anything—refer to your USPS Tracking Number for current delivery status. There is a link in your Shipment Confirmation email. The Tracking History section on the USPS website shows step-by-step where your package has been, and is, currently.

Please note the tracking map on your order status page is not always correct! Refer to the USPS Tracking History for exact info.

All orders are shipped via United State Postal ServiceIf your order appears to not be moving, we recommend reaching out to the USPS customer service line at 1 (800) 275-8777. They will simply ask for the tracking number sent to your email upon shipment, and open a case to search for it. You can also submit a request online. Unfortunately, we cannot dedicate time to following up about delayed or misplaced orders once they are transferred over to the postal service—but of course, if your order never arrives please contact us! (It's easiest to respond to one of your Order or Shipment confirmation emails, so we can easily locate relevant information.)

If the tracking on your order says your package was delivered, but it's not in your possession—don't worry just yet! Our system automatically sends out a delivery confirmation when your local post office scans it as Delivered. However, these tracking details are not always exact to the minute, and it may still be on its way to you.

Here are some tips:

•  Look around incase the driver hid the package
•  See if someone else accepted the delivery (neighbor, front desk)
•  Double check the shipping address
•  Look for a notice of attempted delivery

We also suggest waiting 1-2 days to see if your local post office just scanned it incorrectly along the way. It may just show up tomorrow! This oddly happens more often than one would expect...

All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service, and then transferred to the receiving countries local postal service upon entry. International orders can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered if not sent Priority Mail. Please only reach out to us only after that time period—unless your order appears stuck in the United States before entering customs acceptance. Upon leaving the U.S. and/or entering your country, your order may be held in customs for up to 1–2 weeks—which is completely normal.

If you notice from the tracking, that the package has reached your country but doesn't appear to be moving, we recommend reaching out to your country's local postal service. They will simply ask for the tracking number sent to your email upon shipment, and open a case to search for your package. Do not reach out to the U.S. postal service. All packages are transferred from the United States Postal Service to the importing country's postal service (your country) upon entry. Any inquiries once a package has passed customs clearance needs to be directed to the receiving country's postal service. Unfortunately, we cannot dedicate time to following up about delayed or misplaced orders once they are transferred over to your postal service—but of course, if your order never arrives please contact us! (It's easiest to respond to one of your Order or Shipment confirmation emails, so we can easily locate relevant information.)

Customs Duty/Import Tax: All International orders are subject to import taxes (VAT)—which are imposed by country to country tax regulations. These are payable by the customer at time of delivery. This tariff has nothing to do with Strange Ways, but we do mention it at cart before checkout to be helpful. Many times orders are on hold to be delivered, until the receiver pays this tax. You should receive a notice from your postal service if you must pay one—respond to their request fast! Otherwise, your order may get returned back to us. Strange Ways is not responsible for a customer not paying their import tax in a timely manner. If a package is not claimed, or a customer rejects it, items can be refunded when received—but not the original shipping charge.

If an order is undeliverable and returned back to Strange Ways, we will attempt to contact the original buyer in a timely manner. However, please reach out to us if you believe your order was sent back to us. We cannot issue refunds on the original shipping charge, and the buyer is responsible for additional shipping costs if a reshipment is requested. Our system sends out email updates along the way to try to alleviate delivery issues. An international shipment being returned back to Strange Ways because of unpaid import taxes (custom fees) is not grounds for a full refund.

Please note there is a time limit for rectifying lost orders, which starts on the day the order was shipped out. For U.S. orders it's 30 days, for Canadian orders it's 45 days, and for International orders it's 60 days.

Refunds are not issued when proof of delivery is provided via tracking.

If you still have concerns, please contact us.

When will _______ be back in stock?

In short: Hopefully within a 4–6 weeks after it sells out. However, there are no guarantees as it may depend on the designer(s) we work with. If it's been longer than that, don't keep waiting! If an item is not even our website anymore, it's most likely never coming back. Many of the items we carry are in limited production runs—so if you see something you like, buy it pronto!

Long answer: We restock product every month, but there is no set pattern to certain items coming back. We carry a large assortment of different designers, artists, and brands that all release things on different timelines. It may look like a lot of items are out of stock (particularly patches or pins), but we do our best to remove any items that won't be restocked again. If you can still view the item, there's a good chance you'll be able to buy it again in the near future—but that time has no set date.

We now offer a simple way to receive a notice when an item becomes available again—just go to the product page, and sign up for an email alert. This is also an easy way for us to see what products are most in-demand. Ones with high amounts of requests will receive top priority—so go cast your vote by signing up for an alert!

Please keep in mind we are not a huge factory churning out things on demand. Part of what makes our shop special is that we carry limited runs of unique items from independent creatives. If it was all mass-produced, it wouldn't be Strange Ways.

If an item is sold out out online, it should be sold out at our storefront as well—but you can see if one is straggling! Take a visit.

My order didn't go through, but my credit card was charged. Why?

Our processing system seems to initiate payment, whether an order gets finalized or not. If a charge shows up on your credit card or bank account, it will disappear in a few days. Contact us if this doesn't happen—but if you didn't receive a confirmation email from us, then the payment (and order) wasn't received by Strange Ways.

Why does it cost so much to ship one small item?

Because we want your order to arrive safely to you! Every order we send out is shipped as a package. This includes patches and pins—even one of them! Why? It's more reliable delivery for customers, and we want your items to arrive securely. We used to put very small packages in an envelope, slap a stamp on it, and hope for the best. The orders didn't always get to their final destination... 

Our shipping charges also reflect the rates from the United States Postal Service—which is actually the most inexpensive shipping carrier. Our costs for U.S. orders are never more than $7.99. International orders are more, but your package is traveling through the air, over water, and back to land usually thousands of miles away—that's not easy! So yes, if you live halfway across the world from us you may end up paying more on shipping than the item. Our suggestion: Order more to make it worth it! For everyone! For the world! 

Please do not email us asking for a reduced shipping cost. All rates are set, and final.

If you really need to save some money—Create an Account with us (or simply Sign up to our Newsletter) for a 10% off discount code.

Where is your storefront located? What are your hours?

Strange Ways is located in the city of New Haven, CT in the main retail district of Westville. We opened a physical shop to allow for more interaction with customers, and expand the shopping experience including events and in-store only sales. (This is our only storefront by the way! Many of you ask.)

 Read more about visiting our New Haven, CT storefront including location and hours.

The storefront acts as our headquarters—so all items available in our online shop are in-store. If an item is “Sold Out” online it is 99% likely sold out in-store (You can always stop by and see!). We also now offer In-Store Pickup if you wish to order online, and grab your order in-store the next day.

Can Rewards Points be used in-store?

They can! But be careful how you redeem Rewards Points...

Once you've Created an Account with us online, you can start earning Rewards Points at both our online shop and storefront—they will tally under one account. When online, just make sure you are logged into your account when you place an order. If purchasing something in-store, ask the Sales Associate to look up your account email or name first so they can add it to the order before processing.

However, once you earn enough points for a discount you have the option to redeem them for online orders (a discount code) or in-store purchases (automatic register discount). The way the Rewards Points system works is you must choose—basically cash out your points online, or cash them out in-store. If you redeem your points online, you cannot use that discount in-store. In general, any numeric/alphabetic discount code you receive for Strange Ways has to applied online for it to be activated.

How do I Return or Exchange an item?

First off, if you wish to Exchange an item it is easiest to just place a new order if you can. If one were to send their item back to us in exchange for another, it will take longer to receive the new item and there is still a shipping cost to be paid by the customer for the new package. We suggest sending your original items back as a Return, and we will refund you.

If you wish to Return your item(s) do so within 30 days of receiving them to the address below. Please include your Order # on the outside, or on a note inside—otherwise we may not be able to locate your original order to process the refund. If we receive items back in the condition they were sent, there should be no issue and we will refund you for the returned items within a few days. (After you receive a confirmation email of the refund, it will take a few business days for the money to arrive back into your account.) Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost, and original shipping charge cannot be refunded.

Strange Ways
Return Orders
910 Whalley Ave
New Haven, CT 06515

If you bought something in-store, the same regulations apply. Proof of receipt by either email, text, or us looking up your name in the system is needed to process a return in-store.

Please note that after the 30 days neither a refund nor a replacement can be given. Sale items and custom pieces are not returnable.

If the item you receive is damaged, please contact us ASAP. We'll work with you on an appropriate replacement after a review.

Will you carry my product?

If you think you have something that fits the shop, contact us with links to product imagery (online shop, linesheet, image links, Instagram) plus wholesale pricing. If we are interested, we will contact you when we're accepting new items. We buy new product usually once a month. Please don't email us more than once in a period of 6 months about your items. We receive a lot of inquiries, and we do look at every request!

We excel in showcasing unusual, fun, and relevant product from independent artists, designers, and small brands. Strange Ways is about featuring original designs; please don't contact us with work that may seem like rip-off product or fan art. Brands that focus on promoting their name brand likely won't fit in at Strange Ways—artwork and visuals are more important than name recognition. We do not carry one-of-a-kind fine art pieces, one-off pieces in general, and anything with a high price-point probably won't work for us. If we buy vintage, it's best if there is a bulk lot of deadstock of an item.

If you live in the New Haven area where our storefront is located, you should still email us about items you want to be considered. Coming in and dropping off items for consideration may not end up in the right hands—please, don't do it! We also do not do consignment / we are not a consignment shop, and we are not an art gallery. There is no place to “leave items out, and see if they sell”—if something is relevant to Strange Ways and we think our customer will respond to it, we buy it.

Please keep in mind we can't accept everything, and the concept of a curated shop like Strange Ways is to keep within our brand vision and product assortment our customers expect from us. If we don't get back to you, our apologies. It may just not be what we are looking for at the moment. Good luck with your work!

Please note we do not accept submissions via DMs on social media.

Can I collab with you?

The artists we work with to create exclusive product are sought out specifically. There is no application form or consignment agreement to create items from your artwork. We do not print product on demand, and their is no sign-up process. Please reach out to us only if you have tangible items you are selling wholesale.

If you are celebrity or icon looking to create merchandise—or a well-established artist, designer, or brand that wants to collaborate on exclusive product—you can reach out to us on our contact form to start discussions. At Strange Ways we love to work with relevant creatives to collaborate on items that benefit both parties. We specialize in pins and patches, and can produce items running from production to packaging to selling.

Can you make my custom pin, patch, t-shirt, or other item?

We only produce work which will be sold at Strange Ways. We are first and foremost a retail shop—not a production facility.

We do *not* do custom orders/manufacturing. (This includes taking any design or item we sell, and adjusting it to something else.)

Do you sell wholesale?

We do not sell wholesale. We're a shop that works with designers to sell their products at Strange Ways. Product that is exclusive to our shop is not for resale.

How do I attach patches? Why doesn't my patch have an iron-on backing?

Roughly 90% of the patches we carry have iron-on backings. We call it out in the product description if they do. You can also tell if the back of the patch is shiny and seems to have a film on it. These backings make attaching items to all *non* heat-sensitive materials fairly easybasically if you can iron the item without much worry, you can iron on a patch. The warmth of the iron will melt the backing and adhere to the material it's on. Cotton-based fabrics like denim or canvas are best, while synthetics like polyester would likely melt trying to adhere the patch. You can place a fabric layer between the iron and the patch to prevent burning, or try ironing the garment inside-out to the back of the patch. This latter technique works best for chenille patches that have a big, fuzzy pile to them.

Iron-On Patch Instructions

1. Position patch on garment, embroidered side up
2. Place cotton cloth or towel over patch to protect design
3. Iron patch on high with firm pressure for approx. 30 sec.
4. Remove ironing cloth and allow to cool
5. Flip garment to inside/reverse side, repeat steps 3 + 4
6. Allow garment to cool completely before handling

Some patches we carry do not have iron-on backings—it depends on the designer and manufacturer. If in the product description an item doesn't say it has an iron-on backing, it most likely will not. To adhere these patches one can buy fabric glue (like this one from us), use a sewing machine, attach safety pins to corners, get a simple needle and thread, and many other creative options. Have fun with it!

Even patches with iron-on backings, we recommend sewing (at least a few points) or stitching all patches for longevity. This is especially true for large back patches and thick chenille patches that are heavier. Depending on where you are attaching patches, iron-on backings can start to peel off with wear and tear. However, with a little spot stitching or fabric glue at the corners they can be reinforced. Patches should also withstand normal washing if applied securely. Take care of your patches, and they'll stay close to you!

My pin fell off! How do I attach them better?

Dangit! If we had a nickel every time someone came to us and said this—well, we'd make a quick response for everyone. So here it is.

First off: You gotta be careful where you place your pins! If they are put on in areas like the upper chest and shoulder area of a coat, and you're one to constantly carry a bag with shoulder straps, its very likely your strap may snag them and pop 'em off. Items like hats and bags that are constantly thrown on the ground or onto shelves, you may also discover pins disappear from.

Secondly: Attach pins securely. We believe that rubber pin backs (like the ones we sell here) are the best bang for your buck. They mostly work on tension, so the harder you push your pin into them, the more lodged in the pin post on the back will get. (Watch your fingers! The pin post can come through the back of the pinback.) Remember to check on how secure they feel every once in a while.

Lastly: There are also deluxe pin backs (sold here) and locking pin backs (we sell those too) that are more expensive, but may be what you're looking for—the latter tighten around the post on the pin with a tiny wrench! And if you're super certain you know exactly where you want a pin to stay forever, try a dab of super glue inbetween your pinback and the pin to secure it FOREVER.

What is the sizing on your apparel?

Because we stock items from many different artists and brands, it's not possible to give one sizing guide for all. All tees, sweatshirts, etc. are considered basic unisex/men's fit and anything straying from that normality will be mentioned on each product page.

Are you hiring?

Thank you for thinking we'd be a cool place to work! We are a very small team, and are rarely hiring. The storefront and online shop is made up of only a few staff, and there are a few designers we work with in-house. If we are looking for help, we will reach out on our social media. Otherwise, we're all set!

Why should I buy from Strange Ways?

A top-level answer would be because you think the product we offer is pretty awesome! The shop is curated to carry unique and different items you might not find at other stores. We try to focus less on “brands”—but products, imagery, art, and messages instead. By having a more product-focused inventory, we can pick the best pieces to create an exciting trunkload of wonderful treasures.

On a deeper level we take pride at Strange Ways in supporting the underdogs. We buy from and work with independent designers, artists, and small brands. We actively seek out creative entrepreneurs doing things differently, and making quality product while at it. The world is becoming increasingly smaller and it's much easier (and more satisfying) to support small business than big-box consumerism. Strange Ways wants to be a part of that.

Who is your consumer/audience?

We imagine our consumer is anyone who wants something different, something that stands out. This often means they're a “different-thinker” themselves. But to try and define these people would almost be defeating the point. You know one when you see 'em. Generally our products have a sense of irreverence, irony, and charm that almost feels like an inside-joke to those who get it. The Strange Ways customer is quite savvy and smart when it comes to art, design, and pop culture.

Every item we carry usually has at least one thing unusual or defining about it. Often our stock can be viewed as statement pieces—which makes sense because many of our customers want to make a statement. Most of the items we carry are smaller, less-expensive pieces that can be added to your outfit or home to help express a bit of one's personality.

Are you looking for promoters?

We got promotion covered ourselves, but thanks for thinking of us! Please don't contact us about this as we won't write back.