Cry At Work Screenprint Art Print (16" x 20")

$ 21.99
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Go ahead, it's okay to cry at work! Workers' rights include the right to stop what you're doing at any given moment and bawl. Workplace melancholy is your God-given freedom, and I would die defending it.

  • Screenprinted art print
  • Mock-style workers' print
  • 3 color print by hand on 80lb white paper
  • Packaged with cardboard backer
  • Includes protective cellophane sleeve
  • Imported from Canada
  • Measurements: 16" x 20"

Please note the charm of risograph printing is in their unique print quality. Slight registration shifts and opacity changes can happen in the artwork as the paper moves through the machine, making each print potentially unique. These are not imperfections!

By Arcane Bullshit

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