Plague Doctor Vinyl Toy

$ 19.99
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Plague doctor Dr. Plaguin, inspired by historic plague doctor costumesThe plague doctor mask and wardrobe was worn in the past to protect from contagion—while today it's popular again in steampunk and as part of cosplay costumes. In this case it's a collectible artist recreation, to remind us that death takes us all either by disease or design.

  • Vinyl art toy
  • Open number run
  • Gray color is a great primer for painting
  • Designed by Bleeding Edges
  • Sculpted by Mecha Zone
  • Made in the USA
  • Measurements: 3.75" tall

Although referred to as a “toy” this is not for children—as it is not tested, and is likely poisonous for a child to put in their mouth. This is an art toy for adult collectors.

By BxE Buttons X Staciamade

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