Plague Doctor Mask Large Chenille Back Patch

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Plague doctor Dr. Plaguin, inspired by historic plague doctor costumesThe plague doctor mask was worn in the past to protect from contagion—while today it's popular again in steampunk and as part of cosplay costumes. In this case it's a back patch featuring the sands of time, to remind us that death takes us all either by disease or design.

  • Large 10" backpatch
  • Iron-on backing
  • Embroidered design w/ felt edging
  • Fuzzy, chenille pile base and border
  • Unique, heat-cut shape

Large patches may need to be reinforced, especially over time. This can be done with spot stitching or fabric glue at corners, or anywhere adhesion has become undone.

By BxE Buttons X Staciamade

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