Why Do I Get High? A Punk Guide To Relapse Prevention Zine

$ 5.99

A drunk punk guide to relapse prevention without Gods or Masters.

In his years of drug use and alcoholism, Tim Spock has grown to understand a lot about addiction. Due to these said addictions (and then poor choices and subsequent consequences), he had received a lot of treatment. Ultimately, he was faced with two options: continue on, shredding apart his life and the lives of others until he died or got killed, or grow the fuck up and take back his life. He chose the latter.

Over the last six years, he dedicated his life (while incarcerated) to developing an alternative way to treat his addictions—one that made sense to, and worked for, him. And he believes it can help others too.

  • Soft cover, staple bound
  • 29 pages, black & white
  • Made in the USA by Microcosm Publishing
  • Measurements: 4.25" x 7"

By Tim Spock

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