A Pocket Guide To Tarot Card Archetypes Zine

$ 4.99

This pocket-sized guide to tarot archetypes will save you the difficulty of carrying around your whole library of reference texts for convenience while conducting readings on the go. (Also serves as a nice beginner's guide to the symbology.)

With a guide to choosing the right deck for you, suggestions for when and where to perform readings, instructions for your basic three-card draw, and the commonly accepted meanings of different elements in the Major and Minor Arcana, this little zine is a perfect companion to any tarot deck. It can also provide novice tarot readers and more experienced practitioners alike with a handy reference.

Grab a copy to give to a friend along with a new deck, or pick one up to aid you in the process of interpreting a deck you already possess.

  • Soft cover, staple bound
  • 38 pages, black & white
  • Made in the USA by Microcosm Publishing
  • Measurements: 4.25" x 5.5"

By Abbi Clark

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