Biblically Accurate Angel Wings Large Back Patch

$ 21.99

Do you know what angels are *actually* supposed to look like? Well here you go! This biblically accurate angel patch is intricately detailed with eyes and shimmering stars against delicate pastel pink wings. Inspired by bible angels such as Seraphim & Ophanim, it's perfect for adding a celestial and angelic (and weird) touch to the back of your jacket.

  • Large 12" wide x 5" tall backpatch
  • Iron-on backing
  • 100% embroidered design
  • Intricate, heat-cut shape
  • Features glittery silver details!

Large patches may need to be reinforced, especially over time. This can be done with spot stitching or fabric glue at corners, or anywhere adhesion has become undone.

By Wildflower + Co.

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