Even Cowbots Get Blue Balls: Queer Smutty Stories

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In the distant future where hovercars flit between ruined cities, a sexy stranger comes to town. The hardworking cowboy owner of The Only Chance Inn is usually pretty hands-off, but when the enticing stranger turns out to be broke, he offers his own room. The immediate intimacy they develop is soon rocked by the stranger's otherworldly secret—and the innkeeper's fluid sexuality is put to the ultimate test, with supremely pleasurable results.

In these 5 stories of erotic speculative fiction, S. Park explores attraction, belonging, and identity. A lonely pair meets cute at a hotel bar, a demon hunter meets his match, a computer tech negotiates their new office's alpha-beta-omega pecking order, and a fairytale prince on a hunt bites off more than he can chew. Steamy, kinky, and emotional, these stories explore masculinity, sex, submission, and dominance in ways that can only happen when very different strangers from different worlds encounter each other.

  • Soft cover, perfect bound
  • 127 pages, black & white
  • Made in the USA by Microcosm Publishing
  • Part of the Queering Consent series
  • Measurements: 5" x 7"

By S. Park

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